Remote Start



So, you want a remote start, and don’t know where to begin? It can be a complicated topic and one that is confusing and even intimidating to those who’ve never bought one before. Many people begin by researching remote start brands, reading reviews on sites like Amazon etc. to figure out all the features and benefits of different brands. While this is an excellent way to shop for many products, we feel it’s the wrong way to go about choosing a remote start.  The single biggest factor in determining your overall satisfaction with a new remote start is choosing an installer. A knowledgeable and experienced installer will help you determine which is the best model for you, and most importantly, for your vehicle. With a few exceptions, any major remote start brand will give you excellent functionality and reliability, if chosen and installed correctly. Modern vehicles have vastly different electrical systems and requirements to make a remote start system function well, and your installer should be well versed in this.

One of the first steps to choosing an installer is to find a shop that specializes in automotive electronics. Complex integrations like a remote start system require a very different set of skills and knowledge than mechanical work or even car audio. A qualified shop will likely have a wide range of products in stock, from their one or two preferred brands. A well-qualified shop will also likely be an authorized dealer, found on the websites of one or more brands. An authorized dealer will have access to advanced technical info and support offered by the manufacturer, to ensure a completely reliable and properly integrated system. It can also be helpful to ask about professional certifications. The most common certification is the MECP, or Mobile Electronics Certified Professional, which is a division of the Consumer Technology Association. Less common among remote start installers would be an ASE certification in electrical and electronic systems.  No matter who you choose for your new remote start, please feel free to stop by our showroom any time. We love remote start and vehicle integration, and love to talk about it, so if you have any questions at all, we’re here to help.